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Disclaimer: None of the information contained in The Family Tree has been independently verified. All information for persons beyond Arthur Hingle and Edna Buras comes from Le Pays de Fleurs Oranges by William Stringfield, Ancestry.com and Rootsweb.com.


Figure out your relationship to an extended family member.

When filling out the following forms, please be as specific as possible. Spell out middle names, include nicknames in quotes, include hospital names, use the actual city of record. Example; If you were born at Hotel Dieu Hospital, but your parents lived in Metairie, you would put, Hotel Dieu Hospital, New Orleans, LA. Also, please use maiden names for wives.

Family Group Record Form

Family Group Record Excel

You can print this form and mail it for submission to the Family Tree. Be sure to go to “Page Setup...” from your Internet Explorer File Menu and setup the page as LETTER and PORTRAIT before printing.


You can download this EXCEL file, fill it in and E-mail it to familytree@darrenhingle.com


Family Group Record Online Form

You can fill out this Online Form

If you have family tree software and can import/export a GEDCOM file, I can Email a copy of the Family Tree to you. Please make any additions or corrections and save them to another GEDCOM file (with the corrections/additions only, so it is easier to tell what is new) and Email it to familytree@darrenhingle.com. Also, if you have an existing GEDCOM file please send a copy to me.

All content on this site is © Copyright Darren Hingle unless otherwise noted.

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